Using iPad to create posts for Hugo

One of the cool things with the setup I created with the GitHub actions workflow is that it’s pretty easy to create new posts and publish them on the site.

You can even do it with just using an iPad and two apps (actually works with one, but then you don’t get the smoother markdown editing). This is done with Working Copy and iA Writer or any other markdown editor.

Working Copy is an excellent git client for iOS and iPadOS that is super versatile, it feels pretty expensive, but it’s worth it if you’re planning on doing any coding or accessing git repos.

You open the repo you have for the website source and can add files with just creating a text file in the content/posts/ directory and either start editing in Working Copy or use the share button to open the file in iA Writer or any other Markdown editor and then when you’re done, just go back and commit the file and it will get deployed to your site.

One setting that can cause issues is if you don’t have set Working Copy to use Programming for the setting up in the right corner.

Easy as pie! (or Carbonara in this case)


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