NFC for music

When I read that you can use the Shortcuts app in iOS to read from NFC tags and do things depending on what tag it was, I was intrigued.

To do my little experience, I had to buy some NFC tags to try it with. I decided to go with these because they look cute. Also what I had in mind would be good with a green and a red.

Last weekend I set up Sonos HTTP API to be able to control my Sonos system with some automation and so on. It is running in a docker on my Banana Pi I have set up at home.

My idea is this: I put up a green and a red NFC tag just inside my door and when I come and go I can tag in and out, and that will in turn play or pause the Sonos.

To do this, you will have to set up some automation in the Shortcuts app.

  1. Open the automation tab and tap the + to add a new Automation.
  2. Tap Create Personal Automation.
  3. If you scroll down you will find NFC at the bottom.
  4. Scan your NFC tag and name it.
  5. Now you can add an action and in this case we want to add “Get Contents of URL”
  1. In this Get Contents we will add the URL to our Sonos HTTP controller. In my case http:/

Music, maestro!

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