Life On Venus - Odes to the Void (2019)

A few days ago I found out that there are a lot of Russian shoegazing bands. Life On Venus is one of them.

They are from Moscow and was founded in 2016. They have released two full length albums, and this one, Odes to the Void, is from 2019 and it has a nice enveloping sound. Enjoy!

Loud, gloomy and surreal, this is a story about finding love, overcoming fears and facing the unknown.

released November 22, 2019

Recorded at Spin Sound Studio, summer 2019.

Dmitry Kostryukov - guitars and vocals
Oleg Kopytin - guitars
Marat Yuskaev - bass
Gulnara Tukshaitova - drums
Alina Heiremans - vocals
Elizaveta Startseva - vocals
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